„The War Of Art“ Steven Pressfield

This book is extremely helpful in overcoming your own fears.The chapter about resistance and its many disguises is very insightful. Over the years it became a sort of „bible“ for me.

„A Mind for Numbers“ Barbara Oakley

Barbara Oakley wrote this book to help students learn math. But the content of the book is mainly about learning itself (especially learning things that are really hard to learn) andhow the brain works. There´s although a very good chapter about procrastination.I learned a lot about neuroscience and psychology.

„Living, Thinking, Looking“ Siri Hustvedt

This is not so much a book about music or musicianship.It´s an collection of Siri Hustvedts essays about art and psychology (and much more…).

„How Music Works“ David Byrne (Talking Heads)

A book about the context in which music is performed and created. David Byrne reveals perspectives about making music that are refreshing and very helpful

„A beginners guide to irrational behaviourism“ Dan Ariely

That´s where I learned about the delayed gratification concept. Dan Ariely is a funny teacher and there used to exist a mooc an coursera too. I couldn´t find it. But there are some videos an his website and he wrote some books too.


„The Drummer´s Ressource“ Nick Ruffini

This podcast features a new interview with a drummer each monday. Nick Ruffini asksquestions about how to practice, how to make a living as a musician, how they got where they are.

There are now over 200 interviews (Steve Gadd, Benny Greb, Kenny Washington,etc.) and they are very motivational for every musician regardless of what instrument they play.